After the end of the world, everyone must fight for their survival. Most bond together. But some seek to serve themselves only. What happens when a self-serving gang destroys an entire settlement?

(Still working on the exact details. Here’s what I know so far:)

At a baseline, this draws inspiration from various post-apocalyptic-type settings. Originally this was going to use the Palladium system. However, after some review, and some new approaches to the setting, this transitions into a GURPS-based setting, with a fair amount of homebrewing.

Players will be mutant animals! Some may be normals, some may have superpowers, some may be mages, and a few even may have the unusual power known as an “Hour” – a special form of magic that manifests itself as a separate creature entirely. (Think “Stands”.)

Campaign Status: Revising and Overhauling

Planned Starting Date: Some time in 2017

By Fur and Fang

terara Zyrada BFinleyC