House Rules


In GURPS, initiative works merely based off of the Move stat. This doesn’t take into account environmental factors and more importantly, means there is always a set order. Combat is a lot more unpredictable than this and a clever person can take into account openings in combat. Therefore, there is one modification to this system. In addition to the Move stat, initiative is affected by adding the user’s DX and IQ stats, dividing by 10 (round down), and rolling that many d6’s.

Because of the rounding down, it is possible that a really slow and dumb target does not get any bonus dice. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Initiative = Move+((DX+IQ)/10)d6

As a reminder:
Move = (HT+DX)/4+Running/8

Combat Turns, Actions, and Defenses

Combat in GURPS works off of one-second, one-action turns. As in, you can move OR shoot but not both. There is some measure of “the situation has changed” in combat, but this level of micromanagement is unnecessary and only slows down combat. So, here is the new action economy:

Each round is THREE seconds of combat. In that time, players get one active action, one movement action, and one defense. Movement is pretty basic so that won’t be covered – instead, the focus is on active actions and defenses.

Armor does not grant a passive defense in this new system – instead, it ONLY grants the DR. Use the largest DR only – if you want to use one armor to reinforce weak spots in another, that has to be set up ahead of time (unless you’ve got something DAMN good in mind) and that’s part of the Armoury skill.

The defenses are as follows:
Forgo: If using a weapon, you gain extra weapon attacks (one for every 8 points of skill, minimum one). If you’re using a skill that takes multiple turns, you can use it faster. In any case, if an attacker makes their attack roll you are automatically hit.
Dodge: Anyone can use this. Your Dodge score is equal to (HT+DX)/4+(IQ/8). You may dodge any number of attacks in a round, but your Dodge score is at a cumulative -1 penalty for each dodge beyond the first. If an active defense is possible, this is the defense you are assumed to be using if nothing is declared and nothing else seems appropriate.
Block: You must have a shield to block. Your Block score is equal to your Shield score on the first block in a given turn and a cumulative -8 penalty for any block beyond the first. Bullets and beam weapons can be blocked at half skill – they come in too fast to properly react, but a trained individual can position the shield in advance.
Parry: You need either certain skills or certain weapons to parry. Parry works like the normal rules in GURPS, but normal parries are at 2/3 skill and any parry that was at 2/3 skill is now at 3/4 skill. Furthermore, arrows, bolts, and similar low-tech missiles may be parried at a further -10 skill.

Shields will add their usual PD to the Dodge and Parry defenses.

Explosives may not be blocked or parried except in unusual circumstances, and they can still inflict some damage even on a successful dodge. (Blast radius, you see.)

House Rules

By Fur and Fang FrostyTheDragon