Party Sidequests

This page will document the ongoing quest log, as the party discovers potential sidequests.

QUEST: Stop the Widow’s Fangs!
Given By: Kevin Angstrum
Task: Stop the Widow’s Fangs from ruining the settlement.

QUEST: Save the DeMonet family!
Given By: Charles DeMonet
Task: Find the rest of the DeMonet family and figure out what is wrong with Lucas.

QUEST: The Mystery of the Purple Crystals
Given By: Randall Baines (to Alexis)
Task: Retrieve a purple crystal and either give it to him or use it yourself.

QUEST: Battery
Given By: Feroze Draco
Task: Retrieve a purple crystal for use as a battery for an unknown contraption.

QUEST: Repossession
Given By: Selwyn Arkwright (to Evelyn)
Task: Bring a few vintage cars to the lot in Divine Garden.

QUEST: Born into a New World
Given By: Kevin Angstrum (implicitly)
Task: He has a few days off. Maybe this is a good time to introduce him to how the nature of Hours work?

Party Sidequests

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