Reinald Levine

The skeptical St. Bernard who ran a clothing store in Academy Springs


I’m telling you, the destruction of Academy Springs and the cutoff caused by this insipid barrier are NOT going to stop me from running my clothing business! People still need their clothes fixed and made, and I’m willing to go right to them if needed. Besides, there’s still plenty of raw cloth and the like to make these.

Wait, what’s that you’re suggesting? No, I hand-stitch the clothing! It is the only way to fit these clothes properly.

Why do you people keep suggesting magic? There’s no such thing! There hasn’t been for at least 20 years – every doctor I’ve met has said the exact same thing. I don’t know where you’re getting this mystical nonsense – they’re all wire acts or pre-placed detonations. Even that lady who made a guy melt – she had to have lured him over a superheater or vat of caustic lye she planted. She MUST have!

Reinald Levine

By Fur and Fang FrostyTheDragon