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  • Big Boy Goes to Dallas
  • The Salamander
  • Stallion Moon
  • Reservoir
Children’s Shows
  • Super Bunny (see below)

Special Topic: Super Bunny

The Show’s Premise: A crime-fighting rabbit that fights for good, justice, etc.
Special Consideration: This show was the first big children’s show to try to teach young Hour users about the right and wrong ways to use them.
The Cast:

  • Super Bunny: The show’s lead is extremely athletic and acrobatic, and able to dash short distances instantly. Her primary fighting style relies on kicks and her catchphrase is “Whenever there’s trouble, I’m there in a flash! I dispense with evil as quick as a dash!” Her real name is Carmen Alexander and her actor’s an actual Hour user – whose Hour is named “Unstoppable”.
  • Tiger Mafia: The show’s main villain is a very buff tiger who hires underlings to do his dirty work, including the rivals. He’s difficult to fight directly as even devastating blows barely make him flinch. His actor is actually very scrawny, and maintains the buff image on the set through special effects and a biomancy spell he invented called “Stout Body”. (Catchphrase unknown) (Fun fact: early on, there was a threat to switch actors because an accident on the set involving a bad hit by Super Bunny was Tiger Mafia’s actor’s fault. It was during his desperate efforts to stay on the show that said actor awoke as a biomancer.)
  • Cat Lad: The first sidekick Super Bunny ever had, this Munchkin cat can find anything he needs in his Backpack of Everything – and even put criminals in there! His real name is Felix. (Catchphrase unknown)
  • Dog Man: Few convicts would use the ball and chain that restricts them as an actual weapon, but this German shepherd does! He commits a lot of petty theft and is a rival to Cat Lad.
  • Jellybean: Many fans of the show are unfamiliar with Super Bunny’s second sidekick, a rabbit made of goo. That’s because her debut episode was banned after its first airing and Jellybean was never seen again as a direct result. Many theories have formed as to where Jellybean went. Her actress is a known biomancer and still consults with the show’s creators on occasion. (No catchphrase)
  • Alligator Sam: This rival of Jellybean continues to appear on the show even though Jellybean hasn’t been seen again. There’s a theory going around that this alligator with tiny body and big jaws actually ate Jellybean! (Catchphrase unknown)
  • Texx West: The St. Bernard with the twin rubber bullet revolvers is Super Bunny’s third sidekick. He’s known to slobber a lot and speaks mainly in western puns and song lyrics. His actor is an actual Hour user and said Hour is named “Ricochet”. (Catchphrase unknown)
  • Siam and Ese: These twin Siamese cats have different accents (Russian and French) and different-colored eyes (yellow and blue), and can come together to fuse into a much stronger Siamese cat with heterochromia. The fused cat also swaps between their accents constantly. These cats are Texx West’s rival, which is funny to some viewers because both of their actors are also real Hour users just like Texx’s actor. Said Hours even coordinate for the fusion.
  • Prince Mask: Super Bunny’s most well-known sidekick is the fourth one, a rabbit with a mask and crown. Very acrobatic and skilled in the art of swordplay (particularly fencing technique), he’s also the love interest. (Catchphrase unknown)
  • Mr. Mysterious: This chameleon is a failed and disowned magician who steals to prove his worth, much to Prince Mask’s dismay. He and his magician’s garb (top hat and cape included) can temporarily turn invisible and use magic. His actor is a real aethermancer named Tammaro Mishra whose theories have formed the basis for invisibility spells. (Catchphrase unknown)

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