The Widow's Fangs

What are the Widow’s Fangs?

No one is entirely sure what the terror organization known as the Widow’s Fangs is about. Some say they picked up the pieces of the religious cults from before the apocalypse. Some speculate that they’re after domination of the world through anarchy. Some even say they have no motive, causing terror for terror’s sake. Whatever the logic that makes them tick, one thing is clear: they are the predominant organized terror group that has been causing problems in the Western States.

What is their history?

The Widow’s Fangs were formed in what is now the Western States region very shortly after the War of the End. Originally, they showed themselves as a peacekeeping militia, attempting to quell the strife caused by the transformation of the world. As time went on, most of them got more aggressive, tried to get pushy and dominant… which triggered backlash. Eventually, when pre-war law books were uncovered in The Dalles, the formerly peacekeeping militia was no longer welcome and actual police forces reformed properly.

That’s when the organization turned to extremism to make its demands. They have been a significant threat ever since then.

Who are their ranking members?

The Widow’s Fangs, while publicly known, tend to keep their actual leaders’ identities under wraps until it is time to strike – at which point they’ll show their faces. Their mastermind is only ever known as “The Webbed One” and great pains are taken to make sure their real identity and location are never discovered. Recently, as part of the attack that leveled the Academy Springs settlement, a potential leader has shown up – Bryce Lusk, a well-known public speaker in the Thirteen Pillars territory. He had two accomplices with him – Matthew Pokorny, a munitions expert who had previously advised local military forces on weapons development, and Lucas DeMonet, an accountant with a lot of clients around the Western States.

What kind of minions do they employ?

Before discussing minions, it should be noted that these are designations and do not by any means reflect the species of the minion itself. Also, all members of the Widow’s Fangs wear an insignia of two sets of teeth forming an hourglass – like that of the black widow spider.

After the leader shows up, there tends to be five main classifications of minion involved in Widow’s Fangs attacks:

  • Hatchling – These are the basic grunts, and also the people doing almost all the work in any base that the Widow’s Fangs set up.
  • Cribellate – These are the stealth and reconnaissance troops.
  • Nemesiids – These are the heavily armored forces.
  • Instars – These are the medics – an unusually large portion are biomancers as well.
  • Orbweavers – These are the engineers and artillery users – a surprising number are aethermancers as well.

Shortly before the radiation barrier sprung up around the Thirteen Pillars, a new subcategory of minion appeared for the first time – the Hourglass. As the name suggests, these are members who have been forcibly implanted with the ability to use an “Hour”. Beyond this, nothing is known of the Hourglass minions except that they are elites among their classification and they are never Hatchlings.

How are they involved in the Thirteen Pillars?

Those in the know on the subject are aware that the Widow’s Fangs are responsible for assassinating five police chiefs in the span of a couple months. The police, desperate, promoted a forensics tech, Kevin Angstrum, to police chief. The barrier arose a mere two weeks after Kevin took office, and a month later, the Academy Springs settlement was destroyed.

It can’t be a mere coincidence… can it?

The Widow's Fangs

By Fur and Fang FrostyTheDragon